Data publishing, data reuse and data citation: lessons from Dryad


New School of Computer Science seminar has been announced:

Date & Location: 14th June 2016 at 11.00 in Kilburn 2.19

Speaker: Dr Todd Vision. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Host: Mary McDerby


Research data supporting scientific publications have a stewardship gap.  Much research data is still unavailable for validation and reuse because researchers consider the costs of archiving to outweigh the benefits. To tip the scales in the other direction, learned societies, universities, libraries, publishers, and disciplinary repositories have undertaken a variety of efforts, and the impact of some of these are beginning to be felt.

I will present the experience of the Dryad Digital Repository, a general repository launched in 2009, and governed by a diverse community of stakeholders, to promote the publication (i.e. archiving and free dissemination) of research data underpinning the scientific and medical literature.  Dryad now publishes data associated with thousands of journal articles, dissertations and books each year, and the rate of publication continues to grow. I will describe how the repository has learned to support variation in data policies and research funding; integrate into traditional scholarly communication workflows; and develop standardized data curation practices. I will also describe recent research into the reuse and citation of data from Dryad and other repositories, and consider what these findings tell us about achieving cultural change that closes the data stewardship gap.

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