Manchester Julia Workshop 2016


The Manchester SIAM-IMA Student Chapter is proud to host the first Julia workshop in the UK, taking place on 19-20th September 2016 at the University of Manchester. This two-day workshop consists of six plenary talks and two practical sessions led by core Julia contributors. The workshop aims to explain what Julia is, how to use it and how it is used in areas such as optimisation, natural language processing, statistics, materials science and computational biology.


Dr. Simon Byrne (Julia Computing)
Dr. Jiahao Chen (MIT)
Dr. Iain Dunning (MIT)
Professor Christoph Ortner (Warwick)
Dr. Pontus Stenetorp (UCL)
Dr. Ben Ward (Earlham Institute)


The deadline for registration is 11th September.

The event is free for students but there is a registration fee of £25 for non-students (including academics):

Call for Posters

If you would like to present a poster, ensure you have registered and then follow the link below to submit a poster proposal. The deadline for submitting a poster proposal is 26th August, acceptance or rejection will be confirmed by 29th August.

For more information please visit conference website.


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