Dropbox for Business now landed


The moment has arrived. Dropbox for Business has landed and accounts are ready to activate.

If you signed up to the University’s Dropbox for Business service you will start to receive your accounts from this week. Don’t panic if you’re not one of the first to get your account, IT Services will be working hard throughout November to get you all set up.

Dropbox for Business is a place to share files and folders with people external to the University, anywhere and from any device.

If you’ve already received your University Dropbox for Business account, take a look at the Dropbox for Business scenarios pack to find out what you now need to do, depending on your situation, to get yourself started.

You’ll also find plenty of help, advice and information on Dropbox’s website to support you in your first few days. And remember you can always get in touch with IT Services through the 24 / 7 live support if you’re having any technical difficulty or query.

If you’re late arriving to Dropbox and have now decided to come on board you can request the service online and accept the terms and conditions including the Dropbox information handling guidelines, for anyone uploading restricted or highly restricted files. Your account will be sent to you during November.

To find out out more about Dropbox for Business and to ask any questions you may have, come along to the first meeting of the Research IT Club in November.

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