State of the Nation report on Research Software Engineers

report sm

If you are wondering where the term “Research Software Engineer (RSE)” came from then a new report could help to explain.  The first State of the Nation Report for Research Software Engineers provides a history of the RSE campaign and a snapshot of the RSE community as it stands today.

With authors including Robert Haines, Head of Research Software Engineering, UoM Research IT, the report found that software is crucial across all disciplines.  A survey of 15 Russell Group universities found that 92% of researchers used research software, 67% reported that it was fundamental to their research, and 56% said they developed their own software.  With the emergence of software as the pre-eminent research tool used across all disciplines, comes the realisation that a significant majority of results are based, ultimately, on the skill of the experts who design and build it.

This report also describes the new expert community that has flourished in UK research, details the successes that have been achieved, and the barriers that prevent further progress.

To talk to Research IT about RSE input to your research project or grant proposal please get in touch.  Alternatively come along to our next Research IT Grant Support Clinic to find out more about the support that we can offer.

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