Research Lifecycle – Call for Participation


The Research Lifecycle project is a programme of work to deliver and embed systems and processes that enable and support researchers through the entire lifecycle of their research project from the conceptual phase through to the publication and archiving. This work will support the M2020 goal 1 of “World Class Research”.  The project team are now looking for researchers who would like to contribute to the project through a short interview.

The range of capabilities needed for high quality research has three areas of focus: 1) e-Research infrastructure (i.e. hardware & software); 2) Research information and data management and 3) Administration of research (i.e. systems). The IT systems that underpin the capabilities overlap these areas:


Joyce Lo has joined the project team as a Research Lifecycle summer intern, and will be conducting an exercise to understand the current concerns and potential benefits from the areas that the research lifecycle might impact on (e.g. tools for the planning and execution of research, e-Research infrastructure and data management). If you are interested in inputting into Research Lifecycle please email Joyce and let her know your availability over the summer.

One further update – the project is moving into procurement of the external help needed to set out the needs of researchers for the next five years. It is expected that interviews, workshops and other events will be held in October to April 2018 with the external help and a wide range of researchers.

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