R at University of Manchester (RUM) Group


Bring your lunch on Thursday 17th May, 12:00 -13:00 Zochonis B22 and meet fellow R users on campus, while listening to this month’s presenters, David Buil-Gil (PhD student and Teaching Assistant in Criminology at University of Manchester) and Angelo Moretti (Research Associate in small area estimation in the Department of Geography at University of Sheffield) talk about Small Area Estimation in R.

The talk will present some of the most important small area estimation techniques and the main R packages to fit small area estimation models and produce estimates for unplanned areas and domains. Small area estimation is a set of statistical techniques used to produce reliable estimates of parameters of interest in areas or domains where small and zero sample sizes do not allow producing direct estimates of adequate precision. Presenters will also introduce some small area estimation applications in criminology and wellbeing research.

RUM is a welcoming group which exists to bring together R users of all levels, with interests in diverse fields from across the University to exchange tips, ideas and knowledge for the benefit of all. This group was previously known as the FLS R Group, and is inclusive to all Faculties of The University of Manchester.

To stay updated, subscribe to the mailing list or send an email with no subject and the body “SUBSCRIBE RUM Your Name”.

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