Talk to Research IT Face to Face!

help16smAt Research IT we know how busy researchers are, and how talking face to face can be the easiest way to communicate a problem or complex research idea. That’s why every other Wednesday in term-time we host drop-in sessions across across campus so you can talk to our experts in person about anything research computing related.

At recent drop-in’s we’ve had inquiries about creating a workflow for putting point cloud data into VR; using machine learning as a way to identify skin issues; scraping user reviews from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Allo Ciné, and how to interview research participants over Skype in a different country whilst complying with the University’s data protection policy.

To see when we’re coming to a building near you this term check out the Drop-in dates below:

  • 4th Dec 2-3pm Sackville Street, Council Chambers
  • 15th Jan 2-3pm Michael Smith, Foyer
  • 29th Jan 2-3pm  Alan Turing, Ground Floor Meeting Area
  • 12th Feb 2-3pm Ellen Wilkinson, Graduate School Atrium
  • 26th Feb 2-3pm Kilburn, Byte Cafe

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