Mathematica Summer Workshop Roundup


Research IT recently hosted, in cooperation with Wolfram, the first Mathematica Summer Workshop. In our case “summer” only referred to the time of year and certainly not the temperature!

Mathematica is a multi-purpose scientific environment used by many researchers here at the University of Manchester. It is very good for rapid development and exploration of data, providing a convenient notebook like interface. Alternatively you can create presentations with embedded Mathematica equations as most of our presenters did. However, you certainly need to know a few tricks before getting started and that was what we aimed to provide through this workshop.

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Call for Participation – Mathematica Summer Workshop


Research IT is organising a Mathematica Summer Workshop at the University of Manchester on the 27th – 29th of June 2017.  This will be an opportunity to bring the regional Mathematica user community together to exchange experiences and showcase research projects and teaching experience involving Mathematica.

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Mathematica Summer Workshop 2017


Research IT, in collaboration with other regional universities, is considering holding a Mathematica summer workshop, provisionally from 27th – 30th of June 2017. The proposed 4-day event would comprise of an introduction to Mathematica (day 1); workshops (days 2-3) and teaching and learning using Mathematica (day 4).

If you would be interested in attending this event please contact Shih-Chen Chao by the 17th of March.

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Wolfram Mathematica Roadshow


Wolfram will be on campus on the 22nd of November to introduce Mathematica v11, their powerful technical computing platform.  The University has acquired unlimited licenses for this system which allows users to perform data analysis, text and language processing, geographic data visualisation and more.  In addition Mathematica also provides neural networks, machine learning possibilities and audio, image and signal processing capabilities.

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Help shape the future of Data Visualization at the University of Manchester


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The demand for visualization of datasets through the creation of meaningful and attractive representations of data, and to provide insight and greater understanding of data is rapidly growing. There are many existing applications, ranging from Excel to more sophisticated and complex software like Matlab, Python, R, Mathematica, and STATA.

From feedback, we have identified a need for an application that falls in between these two extremes and we would like your help in evaluating potential applications.  This evaluation will help select an application for wider adoption  across the University, along with training, support and central licensing.

We have selected Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire and IBM Watson Analytics for a more detailed evaluation by the community.

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