Get Your Code Optimised for Free!


Come along to the Research IT club on the 4th of June to find out more about a free service from POP (Performance Optimisation and Productivity) Centre of excellence in HPC.  They provide free of charge performance optimisation and productivity services for (your) academic AND industrial code(s) in all domains.

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NAG Numerical & Statistical Routines within MATLAB


NAG (The Numerical Algorithms Group) are running a training session on how to make the most of their numerical and statistical routines within MATLAB.  The NAG Library, and Fortran Compiler, are available to University of Manchester staff and students for use on both institutional and personal machines for academic use under a site-wide license.

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Fortran Modernisation Workshop at STFC

STFC logo - web quality jpg - large (colour on white)

Dr. Wadud Miah from The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) will be running a Fortran Modernisation Workshop at STFC on 27th-28th October 2016. It is a completely free event and is open to non-STFC attendees.

This two day computational science-centric practical hands on workshop is aimed at Fortran programmers who want to write modern code, or modernise existing codes, to make it more readable and maintainable by encouraging good software engineering practices. Adopting good software practices makes codes more amenable to optimization and parallelisation, and the path to making it a community code a whole lot easier.

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