USA – UK Travel Grants for Research Software Engineers


The first two awards from the EPSRC USA-UK Research Software Engineer Travel fund have just been announced and Martin Turner from Research IT has been fortunate enough to receive one them.  The funding aims to encourage greater collaboration between the UK and USA-based Research Software Engineer communities to help with: investigating emerging hardware and the impact on software; building collaboration around a particular science area; developing common community codes; and building links between computational / computer science and mathematics.

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Research Lifecycle – Call for Participation


The Research Lifecycle project is a programme of work to deliver and embed systems and processes that enable and support researchers through the entire lifecycle of their research project from the conceptual phase through to the publication and archiving. This work will support the M2020 goal 1 of “World Class Research”.  The project team are now looking for researchers who would like to contribute to the project through a short interview.

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New Drop in Sessions Announced


Planning for the start of the new academic year is well under way in Research IT – we have just confirmed our next set of dates for our drop in sessions.  These sessions are specially designed to help quickly answer any queries, questions or issues you may be having with research IT including software, data visualization, research data management, sysadmin and much much more.  We can also help advise on how to include Research IT services in your grant bid proposals and how to cost for research outputs such as websites, code sharing, database distribution etc.

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How fast can a T. rex run?

70% transparent 1000 samples Low Resolution Render

Dr William Sellers from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences has been hitting the headlines with his discovery that Tyrannosaurus rex was unable move faster than a gentle jog, let alone run.  The research looks extensively into the gait and biomechanics of the world’s most famous dinosaur and, using the external HPC resources accessed through and supported by Research IT, has created a new simulation model to test its findings.

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Mathematica Summer Workshop Roundup


Research IT recently hosted, in cooperation with Wolfram, the first Mathematica Summer Workshop. In our case “summer” only referred to the time of year and certainly not the temperature!

Mathematica is a multi-purpose scientific environment used by many researchers here at the University of Manchester. It is very good for rapid development and exploration of data, providing a convenient notebook like interface. Alternatively you can create presentations with embedded Mathematica equations as most of our presenters did. However, you certainly need to know a few tricks before getting started and that was what we aimed to provide through this workshop.

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