Manchester Modelling Network – Health


The Manchester Modelling Network has announced their second meeting “Modelling and Health” on Wed 1st March.

There will be six talks from expert speakers from various schools across the university.  Each speaker will outline the role modelling can play in their area and a discussion will follow. There will then be an opportunity where the participants can hold small group discussions and/or quiz the speaker, with an aim to making concrete plans for collaborations and, hopefully, grant applications.

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Make Course Announced


Have you ever thought about how you can make your results easier to reproduce?

Make is a tool which can run commands to read files, process these files in some way, and write out the processed files. For example, in software development, Make is used to compile source code into executable programs or libraries, but Make can also be used for many other tasks.

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Research IT Club February 2017


The next Research IT Club will be held on the 14th of Feb and will feature presentations on the latest developments from Research IT, making the most of our Data Processing Shared Facility (DPSF) and how researchers can be involved in the Research Life Cycle Programme.  To attend the event please register so we know how much coffee to order in.

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