vDAL has moved!


Research IT’s Visualization and Data Analysis Laboratory (vDAL), has moved to B42, Sackville Street Building. Don’t worry though, it’s just around the corner from its previous location!

You will be pleased to know that the new location is more accessible, with step free access, better lighting and temperature controls.  There is also more space for VR, meaning the virtual boundaries are bigger, bringing an increased sense of immersion.  The equipment remains the same – HTC Vive, zSpace, but we now added the Microsoft HoloLens!

Come over and have a chat and demo to see if VR/AR is right for you, and your research goals.

If your project is past the initial planning and funding stage, you can use the vDAL to help develop your project, taking advantage of our powerful workstation and our research software engineer’s (RSE) expertise and knowledge of data visualization and VR/AR.

Contact Josh Woodcock to arrange a demo, consultation or room booking.

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