Shape the Future of Research IT Infrastructure


We are pleased to say that the HPC business case to the Research Lifecycle Programme was successful!  This means that we now have substantial funds to invest in research IT infrastructure such as computational resource, VMs, storage, etc and we need your help!

The first investment will take place this autumn and there will be further investments in the next four years.  The first phase will see an investment in local computational platforms to address the immediate need of researchers wishing to run true HPC jobs (e.g., 256 cores and up)

The later investment phases are expected in the New Year and there will be further funds to bid for in years 2, 3 and 4 of the Research Lifecycle Programme allowing us to incrementally build computational capacity.

We are currently seeking the input of researchers from across the University to give us their views and requirements to help decide what we should be investing in.  We need to hear what researchers require – it could be anything from more GPUs, a Hadoop cluster or a server with 3 TB of RAM inside!

There are two upcoming workshops in which researchers can tell us their needs and we strongly encourage as many people as possible to attend.  This will enable us to gather information to inform our purchasing activities.

Registration is required for the workshops so we can ensure that all Faculties and Schools are represented in this important discussion:

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